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Richard Pieris & Company PLC can justifiably claim a place in the front rank of the country’s diversified business conglomerates and we are proud to be a part of it



ACPL was incorporated in June 2005 by a dynamic management team comprising of specialists in the construction industry. The desire to establish ACPL was borne out of the realization that there was an urgent need for a construction company which was able to bridge the gap between local construction needs and preferences and modern, scientific building technologies.

ACPL was incorporated with this key objective of infusing the traditional bricks and mortar business of construction into a vibrant entity that would incorporate global technologies and modern methods to create a product that is unique in the local context. Today, the company offers a complete solution consisting of master planning, designing, project management and consultancy.

ACPL has direct access to researched technologies and successfully translates them into the specific construction needs of our customers. Our enduring rapport with suppliers, and service providers of repute ensures an end product that will stand as a testimonial to our vision of becoming the leading player in the construction fd in the country and beyond.

ACPL offers a range of construction services for the public and private sectors under one roof. So far, ACPL has constructed large scale housing, schools, Multi Storied Commercial Buildings, Highways & Bridges, Water & Sewerage Projects. The most significant fact is that ACPL is backed by the experience, Reputation and Financial Strength of its parent company, while the Richard Pieris Group is considered to be one of the largest and most successful business conglomerates.

Health & Safety:

As a competent contractor, our first priority in any construction project is to ensure the operational health and safety of each person working on that project, as well as the environmental health and safety of those who eventually inhabit the building. ACPL employs its own highly qualified Health and Safety and Environmental Personnel and consults closely with all parties before, during, and after construction.

Environmental Consciousness

To assist us in achieving our environmental objectives, ACPL has adopted a certain set of standards. This policy will provide the framework for setting environmental objectives and targets within our business. All employees are made aware of this policy and are required to actively work towards achieving its objectives in their specific area of responsibility.

Promote a culture of innovation and participation engaging our employees to contribute to improving the company’s environ mental performance. Promote the efficient use of energy, reduction of waste and recycling of materials in all of our business activities. Encourage ethical environmental practice and behavior including respect for cultural and community values. Maintain formal environmental management systems which conform to recognized standards. Comply with environmental laws applicable to our business and meet or exceed all relevant statutory obligations and codes of practice to which we subscribe. Assess environmental risks and implement appropriate risk management programs to continually improve environmental performance across our business and projects. Report regularly on our environmental performance and take remedial action where performance does not meet expectation. Communicate this policy to all company personnel, contractors and clients through induction, education and training to promote environmental responsibility and obligations. Influence our suppliers and contractors to act consistently with our approach towards responsible environmental practices.

Real Estate

Arpico Homes offer high quality design and finishing at a level that is not only affordable, but also within the reach of your personal dreams where you will appreciate true value for money.

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